♛↠Dark Lady in Training (heavyarms) wrote in catsfiddle,
♛↠Dark Lady in Training

Not dead yet

But I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season, and I apologize for my long, long absence.  Rest assured that I'm not abandoning this community—I'll just be really, really slow since RL's been a bit unstable lately.  But, you can expect some new designs soon!

But now for some announcements:

Those of you who would rather migrate to Dreamwidth can still use my layouts!  I'll probably be making DW layouts in the future alongside the LJ ones I'm working on now, but here's a handy tutorial for using Flexible Squares layouts on DW.  Just remember that some layouts might not look right over there.
I've deleted some of the older posts (defunct tutorials, some shoddy profile codes, etc.), so if you're wondering why some entries seemed to have disappeared, that's why.  I won't be bringing those codes back, also.  They're nothing to miss, anyhow.
I've done a bit of housekeeping here and there.  I've cleaned up and redesigned the profile, rules and FAQ page, suggestions page, and resource posts.  Please do give them a look!

Happy New Year's!
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